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It is only one page long and provides several answers from which to choose for each question. There is significant variation among states’ SNAP web pages and their online services. Some states provide a simple description of the program on their agency’s website.

However, a few states update less frequently or do not break down data by county. We indicate these counties next to the links for those states’ data.

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Forty-one states provide program data, such as the numbers of individuals or households in each county that participate in SNAP. A few states provide additional data, such as timeliness rates, average amounts of benefits, and the number of SNAP households also receiving cash assistance. These kinds of data can be very helpful to officials, researchers, or advocates wanting to understand the trends in participation. Online policy manuals are an additional tool offered on all state websites. Some states have web-based policy manuals in the form of a searchable database.

Elementary students learn how to perform basic arithmetic operations without using a calculator. Alongside this review we are looking at how arithmetic is taught in school by engaging in an informal dialogue with maths professionals. The use of calculators in primary schools must be appropriate. In the best-performing education systems calculators are used only in the equivalent of upper primary schools. A projector’s distance from a screen and the size of the image it produces are proportional to each other based on the optics of the lens.

By making all of these materials readily accessible to the public, states can facilitate an improved understanding of SNAP. The table below summarizes the types of services available and which states offer them.

guiding principles for the Massachusetts, Singapore and Hong Kong curricula state that calculators should not be used as a replacement for basic understanding and skills. Moreover, the fourth and sixth grade state assessments in Massachusetts do not permit the use of a calculator.

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Providing a searchable manual helps to make state policies easy to locate and transparent to the public. For example, Illinois’s policy manual includes a clear list of contents, a separate listing of new manual releases, and an easy-to-use search-engine that provides clear and detailed search results. Kansas’ screening tool is a good example of how to structure a short, easy-to-use tool.